Country House Hotel Ashtree

September 23, 2019 Uncategorized

Welcome now let’s have a little Wow for room eight at the ash tree house hotel in Paisley in Scotland I’m here for one night bed-and-breakfast basis and I’ve paid the very decent price of 69 pounds and seventy pence and this is what I’ve got doesn’t it look nice do you know I do like my chair in hotels because you know you’re gonna get a consistency but I’ll tell you something it’s nice to come into something authentic like this it’s really lovely quite boutique E and very traditional so let’s start at the beginning what do we get so upon entering the room you’ve got viously got this lovely bed and you’ve got two bedside look draw areas with lights on as plug sockets behind both sides trust me on that there are two down there and then there were two on the other side as well as those plug sockets there were two down there as well also and there were two down there to the left of the fireplace so you are going to be in plug socket heaven when it comes to charging up your devices so this is good the bed is absolutely lovely looking quite plush look if I was having a double on me on that’s gonna be nice and then we’ve got a nice soft at the end of the bed so sitting on there and watching this huge flat screen JVC TV I mean that is a big flat-screen TV you don’t usually see them that big not in hotels anywhere down here we’ve got complimentary teas and coffees we’ve got still water and sparkling water some milks and some biscuits and there’s a full-size kettle underneath should you want to make yourself a cup of tea now there’s a really lovely looking fireplace now I don’t recommend you liked in this because that’s probably not gonna go down very well but it looks great really nice feature the radiators on either side and proper sash windows and I did try to open one earlier but they actually closed closed oh I thought I’m just being weak but anyway I didn’t get them often so that I’ve just had to walk up a very steep hill from the high street down there with men pulling me case along which was not a fun experience I’m gonna tell you but now I’ve got here it feels worth it so I sort of spin around the room it looks gorgeous.

So I’m just in paisley for one night I’m at a conference tomorrow at the University so this is conveniently close to the University it’s just a sort of five to seven-minute walk heap if that might be even less straight down the hill outside in front and across the main road and carry on going down this hotel is about a 7 to 10 minute walk from the train station and it’s fairly easy going until you get to the last Hill there are three drawers here for storage some information towels and a very attractive wooden lamp that door there can’t do anything with this star here you can and this is the Wardrobe so it’s a very slimming wardrobe it’s white but it doesn’t go far back so there’s a blanket there and there’s about seven coat hangers just there and please excuse my camera pole and luggage which is just I was a spare blanket underneath just here here’s another doll there’s also a functions because behind that is the lovely blue bathroom I love the blue lightbulbs really really nice and what they’re good for at nighttime is if you are sharing the room when you need to open the table with the light on you’re not going to be blessed in white light into the bedroom into the bedroom so that’s been quite nicely thought out so it’s a very compact space but they’ve made the most of it you’ve got the toilet sink complimentary hand gels there some bits and bobs in the corner to take home as souvenirs should you wish nice shower cubicle proper shower cubicle just there it’s got a slight step over but I am talking literally 10 to 20 centimetres it should be accessible to most people and there is a little bit of wear and tear going on up there and a little bit more chilling on the wall so I imagine it’s quite a steamy room there so it’s probably something that needs to be kept on top of in fact the extractor hasn’t come on which I’m surprised about maybe that’s not working I’m not sure you’ve got shelving here to put your things on new toilet raise some spare little rolls and yeah I like it it’s nice aside from that small bit of wear and tear and the extractor not going I’m really not going to worry about that this room itself is what is the highlight and it’s a very very good highlight I’m impressed so ash treehouse hotel so far so good big thumbs up from me and that’s Mickey.