Chewton Glen Country House Hotel

May 9, 2019 Uncategorized

Hello and welcome back to my channel and today I’m doing a special blog from a hotel that’s really good to my heart it’s called Chewton Glen and it’s a place we’ve been to many kinds of the family and I’ve been invited to have a staycation here.

And so I brought along my mom and it’s going to be really fun because I don’t think we’ve actually stayed just the two of us in a hotel together for years and years and years not to give away my age but the last time we had a staycation together it was well she came with me for a university interview so this is our first time in a long time but yeah so we’re here in Glenn which is a beautiful country our hotel in the new forest is the sister hotel to clifden which I visited last year and yeah we just settled into our rooms I’m going to show you the room in a minute and tonight we’ve got dinner in their main restaurants and then tomorrow morning we’ve actually got a cookery class in their brand-new kitchen which is a restaurant slash cookery school.

So looking forward to that I’m obviously going to take you along to everything and let’s just start now with the room tour I believe this is a junior suite but I will put all the information in the blog post so make sure you do check that too so here is our living area and they’ve given me a mini bottle of Taittinger champagne and some fruit and then there’s a balcony at their grounds.

I mean we’re in the UK so obviously it is raining but hopefully it won’t be in tomorrow and I’ll be able to show you a bit more then yet big-screen TV and then this is my bed and my mum’s in a separate room so I’ve got this bed all to myself mr. s is at home and I’ll be staying here tonight and then there’s another balcony and from here and another TV should I want to watch two TV programmes at the same time and yeah here’s the view out to the ground rain go away and then these large full-length mirrors I love full-length mirrors I hate it when hotel rooms don’t have a full-length mirror I find it really annoying but there’s loads here and then if the bathroom really useful large soaking bar and ran a product so yeah so we just I’m just gonna get changed and stuff and then I’m going to meet my mom and we’re going to go for dinner.

So I will see you’re all good morning and I am still here at Chewton Glen we had an amazing dinner me and my mom in the main dining room and then we played triple Q which is kind of our tradition although normally right out of my sister here so just me my mom against each other but we called it a tie because it got quite late so we didn’t finish it off we’ve got three cheese’s each and yeah we call it a tie so yeah so now I’m just trying to meet my mom I’m going to go and get breakfast and then we’ve got a quickie lesson so I think that’d be a really fun thing to take you along too and yeah we’re looking forward to it,  waking up feeling good taste breaking up oh I’m thinking.

We’re just learning all about nutrition and making a healthy food for the family and I’ve just popped outside to show you the kitchen garden at the brand new kitchen at Chetan Glen and I’m just looking at all the herbs and all these beautiful plants all growing here fresh to use in the hotels restaurant and other cookery school so really good to know where all the ingredients are coming from and that everything is just so beautiful and local and just see so much hair is growing freshly and this is actually their smaller garden they’ve got a big garden here as well and part of the reason why our dinner last night was so good is just everything is really fresh these local ingredients or it’s grown on site here.