Barretos Country House Hotel in Brazil

May 8, 2019 Uncategorized

Barretos Country House Hotel and Aqua Park is the first resort and field with theme park in Brazil and also has a modern and complete structure for events, the hotel offers facilities of great quality reminding the times of the farm allied with the culture of the rodeo without leaving behind the excellent care the comfort and the good taste the thematics field and the flavor of the interior cuisine and the quietness of the direct contact with the nature make up the differential enjoyed by the visitors and guests of the corner and hotel that established itself as one of the best options for tourism family and business of the interior of São Paulo.

The complex of Barretos Country House Hotel and Aqua Park has approximately 200 thousand square meters and offers cozy accommodation with rustic decoration are vip luxury apartments the ranch and chalet plus specialized governance to keep cleanliness and organization impeccable the most complete options and apartment count on sauna and bath in the food sector to the restaurant barretos that offers the best typical and regional food in alternating options of steak and a la carte dishes all served in the wood stove in the Barretos Country House Hotel you find the big john bar and the barnabé beach that is emphasize by the stripped aspect allied to the very high quality in food and service are unique environments that manage to join the beach with the best of the universe field the menu includes executive dishes portions juices and much more there are also other options in kiosks and points of sale scattered around the park skewers pastries tapioca ice cream juice s and that little geladinho in the barretos country hotel and aqua park the parking and the wireless internet access are totally free.

The day dawns and activities are not lacking in the leisure itinerary of the team of the field and hotel barks and aqua park farmstead with horseback rides of offspring and in the peacock ox a meek bull of almost a tonne minimized playground playroom monjolo space kids alcove of nature, not to mention the aquapark that will make you plunge headlong into the pools of crystal clear natural and heated.

Barretos Country House Hotel is the first water park with themed field and brazil and is the only one that has a real farm with all the elements that make up the universe are many attractions that enchant all visitors to start by the beach cove a swimming pool with more than 35 types of waves and one of the largest artificial beaches in Brazil the set of all radical and fun waters have names that refer to the evidence of modalities of the rodeo holds the shorts in the time to relax a little look for the spread of the mine river and the mountain ‘beach children are priority play well at ease in the lagoon of apache in the lagoon of the lu in soap football and the mechanical bull for those who like adrenaline adventure park is the ideal place in a wall climbing a canopy circuit with two levels of difficulty and also a fantastic zipline of more than 200 meters that leaves the tower of the water fall and arrives in the island of the fisherman all the activities and swimmers in the water park are closely monitored by specialized recreators and by a professional team of lifeguards who aim to ensure always with great joy in the water park you still find the store gives them a complete shop with fashionable beach gifts and perfumery convenience go up right close to you at the time of thinking about your event be it corporate social choice the best choice choice.

The Barretos field and conventions and events. The complex with two thousand square meters has modern and complete structure for conventions Congresses social parties and celebrations are nine rooms modulable and customizable according to the need of the event with privileged location is installed on a central axis between cities like black stream are joseph of the black river araraquara uberaba among others designed to accommodate up to a thousand people seated the spaces are all acclimatized with insulation and acoustic partitions modern equipment audio and video internet wifi and counts on the support of a team of trained and trained professionals This is why it is worth to visit Barros and staying in the first resort country with the part of Brazil to work for pleasure or a business choice always the Barretos Country House Hotel and Aqua Park.